• A STRING ALONG: The mis-adventures of a screenwriter in Hollywood at a Pitch Fest, trying to get his screenplay accepted.
  • THE HAPPINESS ALCHEMIST: The adventures of Aloysius Williams and how his belief in happiness was tested.
  • JACK THE SNAKE:  A story about having a bursting passion to help someone because his pain is so obvious it feels like a sin not to help.
  • TIE ME UP, TIE ME DOWN: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a 21st. Century marriage - the perfect imperfection.
  • PULLING ON A STRING:What is the meaning of life? Perhaps you find it going for a swim.
  • HAWAIIAN HANG-UP: A son returns to Hawaii for his father's funeral and finds himself caught up in the family's gangster world. - Do the meek really inherit the earth?
  • THE PRODIGAL FATHER: No matter what he's done, or not done, you can't give up on your father.


If you have wrestled with issues revolving around meaning, identity, significance and purpose and have yet to arrive at any explicable conclusion, "You Can't Push a String Up a Hill" is for you. Ian Moore has harvested his unique and considerable life experience to come up with short stories that explore all these concepts and more. Events in life raise questions like "What does this mean?", "Who am I?", "How do I priorities?", and "Why....., or for that matter, Why Not?"

Through journeys, relationships, identity crises and aspirations to "do good" and "fulfill his potential", Ian reveals valuable insights about human nature and the reality of learning in the school of "hard knocks". Well worth a read whatever your background, color, creed or class; all aspects of our capacity to limit our ability to live life with enjoyment, wisdom and graceful compassion are explored and exploded with sensitivity and humor. Good medicine which leaves you wondering what will be the sequel.
                                             David Cruikshank  11/15/16



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