ian C. dawkins moore

Life & Cultural Coach, Author & Speaker

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  • Successful Thinkers Network      Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Vallejo Rotary
  • Job Connection, Danville                 
  • Host  of “Culture Shock News” a Community TV Broadcast program
  • Host of “Author’s Corner” Community Radio interviewing writers
  • Resources for Community Development (RCD), Oakland,  ESL, GED, Computer & Video Teacher & Instructor                  
  • Assets Senior Program, Oakland,   Improving Communication classes
  • Host  of “Culture Shock News” a Community TV Broadcast program
  • Host of “Author’s Corner” Community Radio show interviewing writers.



As a native English speaker, from London, England, I bring 40 years of sharing my love of the English language with many people from around the world, to my students. I’ve lived and worked in England, Scotland, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Algeria, Ghana, Cote de Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Cuba, Canada, USA, and China. Throughout my travels I’ve always been fascinated by the cultural exchange that goes on when you are open to listen, feel and share other people’s ideas.  

I’ve worked in the Oil industry in Scotland, as a Civil Engineer in London, a cook in Spain, a travel writer in France, Greece and Algeria, a teacher in Ghana, a Sale Executive in Sierra Leone and on a Kibbutz in Israel.

I’ve been an owner of a number of businesses, including an antique dealer, a music distributor, a radio show host, a cable TV show producer, a free-lance construction inspector, a video documentarian, and the president of a video poetry festival. I know what it takes to get a business up and running and keep it going. I understand the challenges and disappointments that every entrepreneur has to face. I’ve worked for government and corporations and I know the focus that is needed to succeed.

Along the way I’ve written and published seven books, three non-fiction about culture and music, one book of short stories, one novel and two books of poetry. I think of myself as a poet who loves to teach the English language. I’m passionate about sharing my experiences with my students and learning about their experiences. I’m focused on the work of facing the challenge of the twenty-first century.