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What would you do to save the one you love?

 In American Charity, a new novel by I.C. Moore; Charity, a young Ghanaian woman receives an ominously worded letter from her husband Conrad who left Ghana to follow his dream to attend school in America.

Conrad is soon sidetracked by the seduction of money, women and the realities of the culture clash in America and Europe. In a desperate moment, he sends Charity a farewell letter. When she receives it, the adventure begins as she discovers herself and the realities of the “American Dream.”

Set in the early 1990’s Charity takes a bold risk and leaves the security of her family in West Africa to follow the tracks of her husband. Her urgent mission to find Conrad and bring him home safely leads her through a cross section of characters: a New York shyster, Bank robbing Haitians, a homeless family, Chicago mobsters, a Baptist minister, a Muslim family caught up in the Oklahoma bombing, and a mysterious guardian angel looking out for both Charity and Conrad.

Will Charity find her husband and bring him home safely? Find out in American Charity.

What would YOU do to save the one you love?




American Charity
on Nov. 09, 2014  by  Tell3People
I just finished reading this wonderful book. The story set in the 1990's of Charity and Conrad was not only thrilling, but it took me across the United States to places I had never been until now and an insight into some colorful characters. I'm hoping that I.C. Moore has another one in the works.

American Charity on October 15, 2014  by Martha Owusa, Ghana, West Africa

At last, a story about Africa, that’s not about Europe’s view of Africa. I applaud I.C.Moore for bringing the truth of our great nation of Ghana to a wider audience. And this story is not old hat either; because so many of our men are tempted and lost to the west, leaving their wives and children behind, to toil in poverty and shame. This story gives the other side of what happens when an African man, and perhaps any man, goes to America and is caught up in the glitz that we see on our TV’s every day. I felt I was on that journey with Charity. I felt her pain and isolation and fears. Well done Mr. Moore, I look forward to many more such stories.

American Charity on October 10, 2014 by  Nora Coltrane, Albion Reviewers, UK

A young woman from West Africa journeys to America in search of her husband? In today’s world this is another one of those little known stories - except to the wives left behind in Africa - where the husbands leave Africa to go in search of their fortunes. The story follows the adventures of Conrad, the husband, as he seeks an education in the West and is quickly distracted and seduced by the bright lights of the new world. We follow his sexual and nefarious adventures in Scotland, Canada and North America, as he descends deeper and deeper into a world he doesn’t fully understand. Meanwhile his wife, Charity, overcomes her fear of leaving the safe confines of her home, in Accra, Ghana, to embrace the fear of searching for her husband in a strange and foreign land, rather than live without him. We get an intimate vision of America from an outsider’s point of view. These outsiders become our guides as they journey through the America of the early 1990’s. Their fascination with America and everything American evolves as they embrace the underbelly of the American experience. After some truly frightening and hilarious adventures with Bank robbing Haitians, a homeless family in East St. Louis, Chicago mobsters, a Charming Baptist minister, a Muslim family caught up in the Oklahoma bombing, and a mysterious guardian angel looking out for both Charity and Conrad, they finally find each other.

Strengthen by their profound experiences they return to Ghana made richer by their experiences and with a new appreciation for the charity and love of their many new friends in America.


Short stories and poems that acknowledge the human condition is twenty parts faith and eighty parts fate. Divine Province follows Jeffrey, who returns home to Hawai-i for his father’s funeral, only to be sucked into his family’s gangster past. The twenty –four accompanying poems and shorts stories feature: One Eyed Jacks; Beer, Beef & the Bible; Flies; Dog Town; The Poverty of Plenty; The Prince of Poultry; Discipline and the Safe Cracker.

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Divine Providence on Oct. 26, 2014  Tell3People

A compelling read. Had me hooked from the first paragraph!


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Reginald Lockett, Poet & author of “PARTY CRASHERS OF PARADISE”

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The Meaning of Life   (2013)

A collection of short stories and poems of romance, travel and adventure. For all readers who love language, words and expression, this collection is dedicated to you and the passionate stories that are now germinating in your hearts. May my humble stories act as a catalyst for your exuberant creations.


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America - Culture Shock

Culture shock is about the shock of cultures coming together in our world today. This book presents the story of culture shock within America to Americans. This book consolidates twenty years of writing and research about the culture shock experience into a definitive collection of essays, poems, commentaries and stories. They offer practical perspectives for immigrants, and students in high school and college,


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Review of Ian c. Dawkins Moore's America: Culture Shock 21 Oct 2006
By James H. Quina - Published on Amazon.com
Format: Paperback
Through his travel in Israel, Jamaica, London, Africa, India and China, Ian Dawkins Moore demonstrates in his America: Culture Shock that "culture joins and separates people, not color or race." Moore's non-linear prose style challenges the reader with mixtures of poetry from Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, Moore's own sonnets and excerpts from Alex de Tocqueville, Vance Packard, Baudelaire and Thomas Sewell. In Part Four: Cultural Adjustments in America, Moore offers practical advice for those entering American Culture--advice on money management, health care and job search. Moore's rhapsodic delivery surprises, amuses and delights.
Informative and enlightening 25 April 2007
By Reader Views - Published on Amazon.com

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