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Life & Cultural Coach, Author & Speaker

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  English as a Second Language

  • Practical exercises showing you how to articulate diphthongs.
  • Practical exercises  for voiced and unvoiced consonants and sounds
  • Practical exercises that develop your feel for English rhythms
  • Practical exercises that teach you to slow down, speak within one


  • Life & Cultural Coach improving communication skills for international professionals
  • Video productions that highlight your business success
  • Experience tutor helping you get what you want out of learning the English language

 the Moore you SEE & HEAR him, the Moore you love him

Ian was born in England of Jamaican & English parents and has travel throughout Europe, The Middle East & West Africa.

He’s a Cultural coach who motivates individuals to travel and identify their destiny by understanding their opportunities to grow and enjoy successful lives. He helps job seekers, immigrants & English learners rediscover  their transferable skills and re-awaken their “American Dream”, using humor, practical tools and personal in-sights.

His life changing workshops are perfect for:

  • Job Seekers whose careers are in transition.
  • Employers who need support teaching the soft skills of communications to their employees.
  • Immigrants to the United States seeking their footing in the American culture and the job market
  • Individuals whose first language is not English
  • Senior citizens seeking to learn computer skills and social media Organizations who focus on community through understanding different cultures

Teaching Reviews

​​​"I (found Ian Moore) to be an engaging person and commanding speaker who was effective in helping students zero in on their goals with precision and informed direction. I recommend Ian to the staff of any institution of adult learning or as a personal career coach."”  ~Ellen Richmond

"As a technical trainer, it is always a pleasure to find a colleague who is adept at making hard things easy to grasp.  Whether he's teaching or coaching, Ian brings an artful blend insight, humor and just a touch of cajoling to his work.  One-on-one or one-to-100, his passion and intelligence shine through." ~ Duncan Cleminshaw President/Senior Technical Trainer, Green Career Institute LLC 

“Ian came to teach at the Korean  seniors Center in East Bay Korean American Senior Service Center.  I come in once in a while to see how my seniors interact with Ian. I noticed that my seniors pay much attention. Their remarks are that Ian teaches very well.   I am glad we have Ian as an ESL teacher. “  ~ Joanna Kim-Selby, President/Executive Director,East Bay Korean American Senior Service Center 

       Entrepreneurial Workshops 

  • Practical exercises  in Business Etiquette for professionals
  • Practical exercises  in Basic English grammar
  • Practical exercises and discussion about idiomatic and colloquial usages, and when their appropriate in formal or casual settings.
  • Practical exercises that explain the nuances of British & American cultures





Short Stories & Complaints

 Ian C. Dawkins Moore

Ian c.dawkins moore

Life & Cultural Coach Improving Communication Skills

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  • Successful Thinkers Network      Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Vallejo Rotary
  • Job Connection, Danville                 
  • Host  of “Culture Shock News” a Community TV Broadcast program
  • Host of “Author’s Corner” Community Radio interviewing writers
  • Resources for Community Development (RCD), Oakland,  ESL, GED, Computer & Video Teacher & Instructor                 
  • Assets Senior Program, Oakland,   Improving Communication classes
  • Host  of “Culture Shock News” a Community TV Broadcast program
  • Host of “Author’s Corner” Community Radio show interviewing writers




       Improving Communication

  •  Understanding Body signals
  •  The power of 3
  •  Perfecting your Elevator speech
  •  How to sound confidence

       Effective Public Speaking 

  • Pronunciation drills
  • Tongue-twisters
  • Breathing exercises
  • Poems and Shakespearean reading exercises

       Business English for Executives

  • Practical exercises that teach you to slow down, 
  • Practical exercises to speak within one breath at a time
  • Practical exercises to improve your pacing, tone and pitch
  • Practical exercises in Listening Skills
  • Practical exercises  in Business Etiquette for professionals
  • Practical exercises  in Basic English grammar
  • Programs designed for each individual client and student